Kentucky Home Extension Master Gardeners

Tour of Fairfield Fruits Farm

The farm was started on 30 acres of former tobacco land. Over 3 acres devoted to trellised blackberries and raspberries for easy picking. We offer both thorny and thorn-less blackberry varieties. All fruit including the strawberries are heavily straw mulched. Strawberries start in late May and good picking will last for only a few weeks–so come early if you can. Blueberries have extra size and easily picked from elevated plant pouches. At the farm we provide you with a picking bucket lined with a plastic bag. When you’re finished picking, we’ll pull the bag and weigh you out at our checkout table. Also at checkout pick up one of our free recipe sheets for preparing and storing your fruit. The drive out to the farm on state route 509 is picturesque with many pastoral views through Kentucky’s rolling countryside. Come and enjoy local fruit at a great price. http://fairfieldfruits.com/